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GAMAY (“Gam-may” aka Gamay Noir)

You have probably heard of the wine Beaujolais, but you might not know is that Beaujolais is actually a region in France and the actual grape variety is a Gamay. Gamay is a light body red wine, somewhat like Pinot Noir in flavours. Which it should, as it’s a cousin of Pinot Noir. Most of the world’s Gamay grows right next door to Burgundy, France (Home of Pinot Noir) in a region called Beaujolais. Gamay wines are fruity, floral with some earthy notes,

Gamay, even though related to pinot noir is notably different. Gamay tends ripen earlier than pinot noir, and produces a bigger crop, which makes it suitable for cool conditions. But it also holds its acidity well and performs well in warmer areas, which has increased its popularity, with growers around the world.

Gamay wine making often use the carbonic maceration process of making red wine, whereby whole bunches are fermented in a closed vessel. The juice ferments mainly within the berries, resulting in a wine that is bright and fruity.

Whether light and bright or more serious, Gamay typical characteristics include Red fruits like raspberry, sour cherry, currant, strawberry, cranberry. Purple flowers, like lilac and violet.

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