As one of a handful of affordable, must-try Russian vodkas currently exported, Beluga comes with a premium presentation to match its contents. Everything about it screams luxury. Bloggers and drinks writers frequently rank 'Noble' with the best of the best, however 'Gold Line' raises the bar again: It's a superbly pure, ethereal spirit and a highlight in its category. Both win on all sensory accounts, depending on what you are willing to spend.


Tasting notes: Crystal clear. Almost neutral aromatics reveal nuances of cream and meringue followed by a touch of white pepper. Super smooth, satiny entry leads into an off dry profile with a texture verging on creamy, followed by hints of wet stone, talc and meringue. Finishes with a delicate pepper burst. Aftertaste is silky, gently warming, dry and super clean. Highly polished. 40% Alc./Vol.


Other reviews... There’s something slightly savoury about this Russian vodka, which is made with water drawn from the Siberian bedrock. Triple-filtered and then “rested” for 30 days, the finished product is light, but flavourful, with some subtle oat notes, and a kick of spice that cuts through. There’s also a little citrus sweetness and even a little honey. But it’s the lingering, smooth endnote we love. It’s sippable on its own of course, but we think the fiery heat of a ginger ale brings out the flavours perfectly. Six Best Russian Vodkas - UK Independent 2017

Beluga Noble Vodka 700ml

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