Arriving in Australia in 2018, Octomore's 8.4 sees time in virgin oak casks.

Distilled at Islay's Bruichladdich and given the name of a nearby farm, the Octomore series is designed to push the limits of how much peat and smoke you can inject into a whisky.

Distilled in 2009 from Scottish barley harvested in 2008, this was bottled at 58.7% as an eight-year-old. Peated to 170ppm.

Balancing the impact of fresh virgin oak, 20 percent of this release was matured exclusively in virgin, the remaining 80 matured in first-fill American oak before being finished in the virgin oak casks which were used for 7.4.

12,000 bottles globally.

Official tasting notes:

Nose: A little smoke but gentle and warm. The oak comes with sweet honeyed malt and banana bread. The phenolic muddy notes come again now with a peppery, floral edge. With time the oak gives more and more, toffee popcorn, vanilla fudge, coconut, cinnamon. The smoke fades back a little now.

Palate: A rich texture feels like honey as it slowly builds the flavour of the sweet mellow oak. Leather and toasted wood combine with the delicate smoke. There is balance here as there is no oak notes without an equal and complimenting note from the smoke. Praline, coconut, clove are matched with barbeque, burnt heather and iodine. The spirit behind the smoke and oak brings a lemon and salt spray hit once opened with spring water as well as hints of mint and stewed apple.

Finish: Clove, aniseed and coffee grounds fade to peat smoke “ the typical, classic Octomore finish that always lingers in your mind.

Bruicladdich Octomore 8.4

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