Fourth generation winemaker Matteo Furlani tends to his family's small parcels of vines, high above the city of Trento in northern Italy, surrounded by the dramatic, sometimes snow-capped Dolomite mountains. Like his father and grandfather, Matteo sees no need to use synthetic chemicals on the land, incorporating biodynamic preparations and natural practices instead to create his incredible range of wines, which include a series of slightly sparkling varieties in milky shades of magenta, pink and in the case of this bottle, almost white. Unlike a lot of Champagne, these wines receive no added sugar or yeast before their second fermentation in the bottle. Unfined and unfiltered, they rely wholly on the natural sugar in the grapes to produce their bubbles, and the resulting wines can be a veritable kaleidoscope of flavours. How bubbly they become is down to Mother Nature, the timing of the winemaker and a lot of luck. 'If unicorns made wine, they would probably look and taste like these,' we thought when we came across Furlani while in Italy.

Cantina Furlani Alpino

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