Our vineyards being located in the ‘Fins Bois’ area of production, just a few kilometres away from the delimited Grande Champagne area – also known as the Premier Cru – this Organic RARE VSOP actually benefits from two terroirs. The latter one produces blends that have strength and fullness, the other lends a more round and supple style that also matures more quickly than spirits originating from Grande Champagne.

The result is a subtle and fruity VSOP,  aged to a minimum of 7 years : the nose is generous with vanilla, plum and apricot aromas, whilst the palate is refined, beautifully round, light and mellow.

You can enjoy this VSOP in a variety of ways: neat, on the rocks, perhaps with a mixer or as a delicious component in a cocktail

Tasting Notes

Nose: Generous with vanilla, plum and apricot aromas.

Palate: Entry tightly structured around a core of acidity. Mid palate unfolds a taste profile that’s tight, lean and off-dry but simultaneously leathery, pruny, cinnamon, clove and vanilla. Oak comes to the fore in the racy elegant finish.

40% ABV / 500ML

Certified  Organic by the USDA  & ECOCERT

Distillerie Du Peyrat VSOP Cognac

GST Included
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