Nose is strong with sage at first. Pine and herbaceous juniper, a dash of coriander citrus and sweetness, as well as punchy hints of oregano and minty thyme. Lovely with a lot of bright garden color. Winter savory? Forget it. This smells fresh and summery, with the timbre of grandma’s garden on an overcast afternoon. The palate is a bit unusual as far as herbal gins go, and the flavor evolution is long and multi-faceted. Quiet warmth at first unfolds into notes of lemon, with lavender and thyme coming on next. Thyme still, but with now darker, sagey notes and a perceptible herbaceous, luxuriously coating the tongue. The finish brings with it juniper and a good punch of coriander, almost veering too sweet, angelica adding color around the seams. Celery and lavender notes part way, leaving hints of creamy home grown complexity.

East London Liquor Premium Gin Batch 2

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