The El Dorado Single Still Port Mourant Rum is produced from the Double Wooden Pot Still which is the only one of its kind still in use today. Constructed in 1732 on the Port Mourant Estate, this still was late moved to the Uitvlugt Estate and then finally to the Diamond Estate in 2000. Since then the Port Mourant Still has been producing small batches of this El Dorado Heritage Rum. This 12 year old Rum was distilled in 2006 and bottled in 2018.


Tasting Note: Upon pouring, that distinct, bold PM aroma fills the air and remains present for several minutes. The nose is fragrant with leather, ripened plum and green banana peel. Theres also a subtle spicy dried fruit note that comes through. Flavour on the palate is bold with strong notes of char and if you're familiar with Caroni Rum, a similar oily/earthy note comes through. This rum is also somehow delicate in spite of the bold characteristics it offers. Pepper and char round this rum out with a slight hint of clove.

El Dorado Single Still Port Mourant

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