El Jolgorio has crafted this special batch Jabali Mezcal as part of their limited edition release of Artisanal Mezcales. This Mezcal is produced exclusievly from wild grown, Agave Jabali. Through this Mezcal you can sense the spirit of the Maestro Mezcalearo (Master Distiller), his village and Palenque (Distillery). El Jolgorio Jabali is a Mezcal full of complexity and unique flavor that's made to be shared and celebrated with.    As a mystical drink, our artisinal Mezcal offers you an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on the soul. Salud and Dixeebe! - El Jolgorio   NOM: 098X Village: Santa María Zoquitlán   Agave Age: 16 years


  • Smell:  a very fresh mezcal, the herbal notes are strong in the presence
  • Taste: it  is a direct explosion of freshly cut grass flavor with its intensity of freshness, it leaves you a slight sensation of astringency that makes you want to taste this great flavor of wild boar maguey again.
  • Touch:  velvety mezcal that has a fine and prolonged presence

El Jolgorio Jabali Mezcal

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