Launched in 2010, Fifty Pounds Gin "honors" the 50 pound tax that was placed on gin producers in England following the passage of the Gin Act in 1736. During this time, a gin-distilling family who mockingly called themselves "Fifty Pounds" created a gin recipe they locked away.Years later, family' descendants rediscovered the recipe and followed it to produce this gin. Beginning with a neutral grain spirit, eleven botanicals are used including juniper berries, coriander seed, grains of paradise, savory, orange and lemon peel, licorice, and angelica root (the other three botanicals used remain a family secret!) After distillation, the gin is blended with more neutral spirit and proofed with demineralized water before bottling at 43.5% ABV.

Fifty Pounds Gin 700ml

GST Included
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