In 1948, Sanchez Romate sent their most able foreman, Juan Jiménez Villalba, to Cuba to oversee the company's wines and spirits being sold there. There, Villalba observed that the used casks were well suited to the ageing of rum, made by the local Cuban distillers, including Ingenio Manacas. Following the Cuban Revolution, Villalba succeeded in recuperating some of these rum-filled casks and shipped them back to Jerez. Here he carefully tended the rum and created a small solera within the Sanchez Romate winery.


Today, the Ron Ingenio Manacas Extra Añejo (very old rum), is made with a selection of rums from across the Caribbean. Aged for 5 years in the Caribbean, the rums finish their maturation in Jerez for 3 years in Sanchez Romate's used Amontillado and Oloroso casks. 38% Alc./Vol.

Ingenio Manacas Extra Anejo Rum 700ml

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