A blended malt Scotch whisky from The Lost Distillery Company, made as a representation of what the whisky from the long-closed Gerston distillery could have tasted like. After their extensive research on Gerston's history (the distillery stood from 1796 to 1882 and 1886 to 1914), The Lost Distillery Company created this expression using some rare, exciting whiskies as a way for us to see how their whisky could have been.


Nose: Deliciously floral and aromatic, with a touch of fruitcake underneath.

Palate: Plum, cinnamon, more floral malt and some sugary shortbread.

Finish: A lingering hint of mineral-rich smoke, followed by a hint of red fruit.

Lost Distillery Company Gerston Vintage

GST Included
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