Mezcalosfera is the export label of the world renowned Agave tasting room, Mezcaloteca; located in the heart of Oaxaca city in Mexico.

Mezcalosfera is an independent project in which any Maestro Mezcaleros(master distiller) is able to use Mezcalosfera's palenque (distillery) to produce as a batch of Mezcal, using Agaves brought by themselves from their own village and surrounding areas.


Barril is a wild agave that can mature between 15 and 20 years. It is a member of the Karwinskii family, which in mezcal is more represented by the agave Madre-Cuishe or Cuishe.

Agave Barril grows in tall, barrel-like stems that can be used as a living fence to protect other farms. There are many sub-varieties of Barril in places like Santa Catarina Minas. This variety was produced in 2019 under the care of master distiller Margarito Cortès and has the addition: "Molienda manual con mazo." - which means that the agaves were all separated from the fibers by hand with a wooden hammer . No machine at all is used in this production step.



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