The wine we produce from them reflects this vineyard and our region.

Noon Eclipse is produced predominately from Grenache (80%+), with smaller components of Shiraz and Graciano.


It can be enjoyed as a young wine or cellared and consumed as a more complex and gentle older wine at 10 years plus. We find most vintages show the first signs of maturity at about 4-5 years and then go through a period during which they show aspects of both youth and maturity before developing from about 10 years of age into a gentle, fully mature wine.


Food matching suggestions

Noon Eclipse is best served with richly flavoured foods. It is not a wine for sipping over a light summer salad lunch. It is more suited to an Autumn or Winter’s evening with some richly flavoured fare based around chorizo sausage, anchovies, olives etc.; think along the lines of hearty Mediterranean food.

Noon Eclipse 2016

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