The Noon Reserve Shiraz is a full bodied, generously flavoured wine. If you usually prefer white wines or more elegant, light-medium bodied reds then this may not be the wine for you. It may be drunk young but will certainly reward cellaring.


Food matching suggestions

 Choose strongly flavoured dishes such as lamb shanks or Osso Bucco to accompany young vintages. As the Noon Reserve Shiraz matures, tannins mellow and complexity builds and it becomes a good partner for a simple but high quality beef T-Bone or aged rump steak.


 It is a good idea to decant this wine at least 30 minutes prior to serving (the younger the wine the longer the time). Aeration will help release the wines aromas and flavours and any sediment formed during maturation can be left behind.

Noon Reserve Shiraz 2009

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