The label fronts one of the most luxurious spirits produced on earth - a vodka hand-crafted since 1841. Initially produced for the Dutch colonies of South and West Africa in the mid 1800s, it has since has only left its native Holland for foreign shores in 1998. The gin-like bottle and red elephant packaging may suggest the final indulgences of the Raj, but the association with your basic Gin & Tonic ends there. The nose is cool, suggesting strong but not stampeding alcohol. It starts small in the mouth, but the ensuing warm after-swallow works its leisurely way down to your toes. Yes, your toes. Unforgettable! The smile on your face will probably make one forget current fads and flashy adverts.' 40% Alc./Vol. - A.Feld. Spirit Writer, Sydney. Other reviews... 'This carefully produced Dutch Vodka would be at the top of the heap if not for the nonpareil Grey Goose.' Rated #2 Vodka - Wall Street Journal.

Oilfant Vodka

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