ALMA – is essentially a wine produced from ripe and healthy Riesling grapes fermented in the amphora. The Amphoras are buried in the garden next to the winery and the apricot orchard. This tradition dates back to Georgia, there Amphoras are traditionaly buried up to their neck in the ground. In Georgia an Amphoras is actually called Quevri. At Salomon Undhof we have made Alma for the first time in Vintage 2011. We feel the long skin captures the “Soul” of the Riesling grapes, having inspired us to the name ALMA (Latin for “soul”). VINIFICATION: after destemming the grapes were slightly squeezed. Juice and skins were filled into Amphorae where fermentation took seven weeks. During this time as well as for the rest of winter ALMA Riesling rested cool and untouched in buried amphorae. Late April ALMA had been racked from the amphorae into a small tank and sulphured for the first time. Sedimentation by gravity only. A few more rackings clarified the cloudy wine.

Salomon Alma Riesling

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