Turi Rosso 2018 is a natural wine from Sicily produced by Salvatore Marino. Turi is the name Salvatore in Sicilian, to symbolize Marino's great love for his land and for his work. This wine, worked according to principles of biodynamic agriculture, represents in a pure way the territory of Pachino, incredibly suited to the production of the most traditional red grape variety of the Sicily region: Nero d'Avola. To this is assembled an undeveloped ancient variety, the Pignatello or Perricone which together with Frappato and Nero d'Avola are the only grapes allowed inside the Eloro DOC. Turi Rosso is a wine that ferments in steel. It is a red with character and deep but at the same time balanced and velvety, which expresses a warm but not explosive fruit and splendid aromas of Mediterranean scrub, earth and eucalyptus. A wine that pays homage to Sicily very well!

Salvatore Marino Eloro Rosso

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