Our Dong Ding is full-bodied with nutty and toasty notes and a sweet aroma reminiscent of roasted cereal grains. This tea produces a creamy and rich mouthfeel with a lovely caramel and brown sugar finish.

This year we have selected a high baked option in finishing our Dong Ding which has created a well-balanced and luscious infusion. 

Dong Ding is a classic Taiwanese oolong. It is named after Dong Ding “Frozen Summit” Mountain in the Nantau region. 

Origin: Ming Jian, Nantou county, Taiwan

Flavour profile: Full-bodied | Nutty | Caramel

Processing highlights: Our Dong Ding is 20% oxidised and subjected to a high bake to finish the tea. Processing Dong Ding oolong is time-consuming with many distinct steps. It involves plucking, sun drying, fluffing, fixing and rolling in canvas to form the semi-ball shape (repeated many times).

Harvest: 2018 Spring

Cultivar: Si Chi Chun (Four Season Spring)

Tea Master: Mr Chen

The Steepery Dong Ding "Frozen Summit" 25g

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