A smooth and complex oolong that has notes of vanilla, ripe stone fruit and a delicate floral bouquet that combine to produce a lingering honey sweetness in the mouth.

The high level of oxidation creates an oolong that has the comfort and strength of a black tea. This tea can be drunk and enjoyed at any time of the day.

Formosa Bonita is a style of oolong produced from a single cultivar. They are identified by the number reference e.g., #47. FB47 is produced from the Si Chi Chun cultivar that is a well regarded for its ability to highlight fruity notes. Each Formosa Bonita will have a unique character and flavour. Formosa Bonita has previously been marketed and known as Brandy oolong or Red oolong.

Origin: Ming Jian, Nantou, Taiwan

Flavour profile: Sweet | Spice | Stone Fruit

Processing highlights: Our Formosa Bonita 47 has been oxidised to around 85% producing dark fragrant leaves.  

Harvest: Summer 2020

Cultivar: Si Chi Chun or Four Season Spring

Tea Master: Mr Hwung sourced by Cuppa Cha.

The Steepery Formosa Bonita 47 25g

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