Our Liu Bao is rich and full bodied. It is clean and bright with a thick liquor that coats the entire mouth. With distinct earthy and woody notes that have a distinct long sweet finish reminiscent of ripe plum.

Liu Bao has a long history in Chinese tea that can be traced back to as early as Qing Dynasty. Early Chinese immigrants often travelled to Malaysia with a basket of Liu Bao with them to aid in digestion of foreign foods. In the late 1980s when the Chinese government was looking for a way to age pu er, tea specialists studied many dark teas, and found Liu Bao’s processes to be most suitable to accelerate ageing of raw pu er.

Origin: Wuzhou, Guangxi, China

Flavour profile: Ripe | Earth | Sweet Plum

Processing highlights: Less tender leaves, 3 or 4 leaves.

Harvest: 2015

Tea Producer: Zhong Cha (中茶) sourced by Kaishan Mellis (A Leaf Story)

The Steepery 2015 Guangxi Liu Bao 50g

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