The Riesling grapes for this Grand Pétillant Naturel were harvested in Ried Pfaffenberg and Ried Koegl. The nearly dry fermenting juice was bottled shortly before fermentation has ended. The completion of the fermentation in the bottle retains the natural CO2 which cannot escape the sealed bottle. It gives the wine its fine sparkle or mousseux. This wine was not disgorged and the yeast is still in the bottle which gives it a “cloudy” look. Wolke für Zwei = Cloud for two .


Cloudy yellow-green, silver highlights. Yellow apple with hints of lime zests and lemongrass in the bouquet. This wine already gives a lot of drinking pleasure. This Grand Pétillant Naturel is completely free of sulfur.

Salomon Undhof Wolke für Zwei Riesling

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